Hire the best tech talent, 10x faster

AI automation with a human touch

No upfront cost. Same day setup

Trusted by Hundreds of Companies
Trusted by Hundreds of Companies

How 10x10 Works For You

  • AI Automation
Our software analyzes your job requirements and identifies candidates unreachable on job boards and social media.
  • Human Touch
Reach beyond your network, 10×10 reaches a large pool of qualified candidates aggregated from the best recruiting agencies.
  • Quality & Speed

Only qualified and interested candidates presented. Companies interview over 70% of our candidates (3.5x better than industry average).

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We Make Hiring 10x Easier And 10x Faster

Trusted by Hundreds of Companies


Same day fast setup

Created by Engineers to Hire The Best Engineers

Our founding team are all ex-CTO’s and VPE’s of tech companies who’ve hired 1000+ engineers


70% of all candidates we submit to our clients go through their interview process.


Invite-only and individually vetted top Bay Area tech recruiters on our platform


Absolutely free to use. Only pay when a hire is made.

Going through a period of hyper-growth is exciting but exhausting at the same time, It’s crazy hard to hire fast while maintaining quality. It’s getting even harder in today’s candidate’s market. I like to share my experience of hiring 1000s engineers at both public companies and startups to help you hire the top talent you deserve 10 times easier and 10 times faster.

95% of the qualified candidates are not looking for jobs and won’t apply to your job postings. Let our AI help you discover your future employees. We know you are busy and our human recruiters will pitch your jobs and follow up with candidates through out the interview process for you to maximize your hiring success.

—April Chang, Founder

VP of Engineering Eventbrite

VP of Engineering StyleSeat

Sr. Engineering Director Paypal

Sr. Engineering Director Yahoo!

VP of Engineering Eventbrite​

Sr. Engineering Director Paypal

VP of Engineering StyleSeat

Ex Sr. Engineering Director Yahoo!

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Access Hundreds of Recruiting Agencies Networks

10×10 hand selects and vets all agencies to ensure we have the top 10% of tech recruiters.

Trusted by Hundreds of Companies
Trusted by Hundreds of Companies