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Employer: Wheelhouse  - On hold


  • Location: San Francisco (211 Sutter, Suite 300 San Francisco)
  • Founded: 2014
  • Stage: Series A, very successful oversubscribed round with super long run way - ask them during interview
  • Company size: 25 (plan to grow to ~100 people next year)
  • Engineering size: 7 (plan to grow to 20 next year)
  • Tech Stack: React, Ruby/Rails, Postgres, Redis, R, AWS.  Also some C++, Python
  • Visa: Sponsorship ok
  • Remote: No


Wheelhouse is a dynamic pricing platform for professional property managers and individual hosts.

Our dynamic pricing was built from the ground up, and helps hosts & owners earn 30% more from listing on Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and soon, many other channels.

Each day, we analyze billions of data points daily to empower hosts & owners with the data and insight they need to price and manage their listing(s) perfectly.

Our proprietary internal software and data science help SMBs run their business better, and also helps our team select high performing properties and operate them with maximum efficiency.  We were founded by a team of veteran entrepreneurs and is backed by some of the top VC’s in the industry and well known hospitality investors like Barry Stern from Starwood, Casper founding team investor.

It’s where real estate and hospitality converge, also described as the intersection of data science and interior design.

It’s a casual, dog-friendly office. We are currently a team of 24 (growing to 50+ this year), and looking for more great people to join our team.  We got a world class team of engineers including YC founders, former Google, Facebook, Amazon, Box, Salesforce, Expedia, bridgewater, etc.

Why join us?

We believe in how small teams work - iterating and learning quickly. We believe you do your best work when you’re working with a team you enjoy, leveraging your skills and experience to drive value, and focusing on new challenges that require new learning every day. Since we’re small, we can guarantee you’ll be doing a little bit of everything here.


  • Head of Engineering
    • Intro, coffee, onsite,  investors
  • Engineering Individual Contributor
    • Intro
    • Technical screen with coding question and design discussion
    • Onsite with 4-5 interviews, 2 technical whiteboarding, 30 minute panel
  • Head of Product
    • 1st call with hiring manager
    • 2 hour homework assignment
    • culture screen by phone,
    • onsite visit for 3-4 hours

Position 1: Head of Engineering


  • Team Size: Now 6 but plan to grow to 15 to 20 next year
  • 3 Engineers, 1 PHD Data Scientist,  2 halftime Data Scientists, 3 openings (Data Engineer, Senior Backend Engineering, Fullstack Engineer).
  • Reports to the CEO


  • 3+ years of management experience.  Ideally experience managing 20 people.
  • CS Degree
  • Experience growing an Engineering team. Great at recruiting.
  • Should be able to jump in and help the team
  • Must be able to answer technical coding questions during interview
  • No short employment stints (3 jobs in 5 years max)
  • Needs to be in the office daily (no remote workers)
  • Startup experience a plus but not required
  • Experience managing managers a plus
  • Experience with Wheelhouse Tech Stack a plus.
  • Comp: TBD

Position 2: Senior Back End Engineer

  • CS Degree required
  • Strong school or worked at top companies
  • 5+ years of experience
  • Object oriented development experience (Java, C++, Scala, etc) or Scripting, shell, golang, python, Ruby
  • Must have SQL database schema design; Ideally Postgres experience
  • Back end distributed systems development required (job queues, low level queries)
  • Worked at strong diverse companies (Example - Box,Salesforce, amazon)
  • No short employment stints (3 jobs in 5 years max)
  • Started at large, then moved to smaller companies is a good fit.
  • Coding interview, standarded pairs coding question, design discussion
  • Onsite 4 or 5 interviews, 2 technical whiteboarding, 30 minute panel
  • CS degree required
  • Comp 130 - 160k

Position 3: Head of Product

  • Ideally 5+ years experience managing 4-5 direct reports in design, branding, growth marketing.
  • Key to the role are strategic roadmapping, business logic, communication skills….strong in Agile. 
  • There are 8 products they will manage (four are software products).
  • Compensation range from $160-250K

Position 4: Senior Product Designer

  • Ideally 2+ years experience building products from scratch.
  • Need strong visual and UX design skills
  • Ideally some coding ability in HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • Data Visualization skills helpful.  
  • Target companies like Evernote, Financial Tech industry, Wealthfront, Square, Stripe, Uber, etc.
  • Looking to have a branded web launch of new products.
  • Compensation around $100-150K

Position 5: Senior Data Scientist 

  • Deep knowledge of  Postgres | Redis | SQL a plus
  • Deep knowledge of R | Ruby | Rails | AWS
  • Experience with large data sets
  • Experience with distributed Systems

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Wheelhouse (San Francisco) - Series A, Head of Engineering - On Hold

 - Series A - Senior Backend Engineer ((Java | C++ | Scala | Python | Ruby)  & (SQL | Postgres), Distributed systems development, CS Degree with 5+ years of experience. No short stints. No Remote. Visa transfer OK.

Wheelhouse (San Francisco) - Series A, Head of Engineering - CS Degree with 3+ years of management experience (ideally 20+). Experience growing a team.  Still technical enough to pass a technical interview and jump in and help when needed.  No Remote. Visa sponsorship OK.

Wheelhouse (San Francisco) - Series A - Senior Data Scientist ((Java | C++ | Scala | Python | Ruby)  & (SQL | Postgres), Distributed systems development, CS Degree with 5+ years of experience. No short stints. No Remote. Visa transfer OK.

Wheelhouse (San Francisco) - Series A, Senior Product Desinger - (Postgres | Redis | SQL) & (R | Ruby | Rails | AWS). Large data sets and distributed systems. No Remote. Visa transfer OK.

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