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Employer: robinhood markets, inc.


  • Location: Palo Alto , CA
  • Stage: Series C with $176 Million Total (DST, Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, Index Ventures, RibbitCapital).
  • Founded: 2013
  • Sector: Financial Technology
  • Company Size: 75 Total
  • Engineering Size: 40 engineers
  • Valuation: $1.3B
  • Core Tech Stack:
    • Python/Django, Go as the main languages and frameworks of choice.
    • PostgreSQL as our primary data store.
    • Redis and Memcached as our caching layer.
    • Celery as our task queue using RabbitMQ.


Robinhood is a technology driven brokerage that allows customers to buy and sell stocks with $0 commission. We believe that everyone should have access to the financial markets and are on a mission to inspire a new generation of investors.

Robinhood was built from the ground up to be as efficient as possible. By cutting out the fat — hundreds of storefront locations, manual account management, expensive Super Bowl ads, etc. — we are able to maintain a lean bottom-line and pass the savings along to you, the customer. This has enabled us to become the fastest-growing brokerage ever with two million users, over $50 billion in transactions, and $500 million in commissions saved.

Rare opportunity to join a brand new Unicorn and still under 100 people.

  • $50B in trades executed since our 2015 launch
  • 2M+ users

More company information at the bottom of the page.


  • Company will provide Feedback: 1-2 days.
  • Weekly feedback synch up

position 1: Dev Ops (Team of 4)

  • Sourcing String:  Linux & (SaltStack | Ansible | Chef | Puppet ), 4 years experience
  • Requirements
    • Ideally 4+ years in DevOps or related role
    • Extensive familiarity with Linux administration and tuning  
    • Experience setting up, running, and monitoring public-facing web servers  
    • Proficiency in shell scripting and at least one dynamic programming language (Python, Java, Ruby,m etc)
    • Ideal candidates will be familiar with the setup and maintenance of a distributed data store
    • Strong foundation in one or more configuration management systems (SaltStack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc)
    • Bonus for newer technology - Mesos, Kubernet, Mesos, Terraform, Consul, Vault
  • Education: 
    • School & degree not critical
  • Other Criteria
    • Startup experience preferred
    • Large company - need to check for culture fit.  They often don’t work well at startups.
    • No Job hopper. Need to hold job for at least 1 year
    • Max 15 years in general.  Not a hard rule.
  • Interview process:
    • Call w recruiter
    • Phone dev op leads
    • Meet 4 people - 5 hr

Position 2: Sr. Backend Engineer

  • Sourcing String: ((Django | Python | Go | Java | Scala | Java | C++ | C  )) AND (SQL | mySQL | Postgres)
    • Requirements
      • Must have: Backend experience, build out a platform
      • Don’t have must haves.
      • Ideally Django, Python, Postgres/SQL, REST
      • Want to see more broad profile
      • Python and Golang (Microsservice)
      • Almost match - Ruby, Node.js
      • Want to also see Java, C, C++, Scala
      • Ideally - infrastructure, and data structure
      • 3-4 years experience, if only 2 years, want direct experience on python, postgress/SQL
    • Education:
      • Prefer strong schools: Ivy, Stanford, Michigan, Berkley, UIUC, CMU.  
      • If not from top schools, must have great experience.
      • No if no CS related degree.
    • Other criteria
      • Startup experience preferred
      • Large company - need to check for culture fit.  They often don’t work well at startups.
      • No Job hopper. Need to hold job for at least 1 year
      • Max 15 years in general.  Not a hard rule.
    • Interview process
      • Call with the recruiter
      • 1 hr Skype. Most likely 2. Coding interview
      • On site - 5 hr.  (can break to 2 half days)
    • Why you should be excited about a Senior Software Engineering role at Robinhood
      • Solve unique scalability challenges with a world class team committed to the same mission
      • Opportunity to develop leadership skills by mentoring junior engineers and driving design decisions
      • Collaborate on open source projects with our engineers like Ask Solem (the creator of Celery)
      • Play a critical role in setting up Robinhood for success in the future
      • Immense potential for personal growth, creativity, and experimentation

    Position 3: Backend Engineer

    Robinhood is an engineering-centric fintech company seeking to improve access to the financial markets. The backend team at Robinhood is the largest team and seeks to fully replicate the functionality of brokerages through our Robinhood API.

    • Requirements
    • 2+ years of software development experience
    • Solid understanding of relational databases and transactions.
    • Comfortable writing highly concurrent systems.
    • Good intuition for REST API design.
    • Intimate familiarity of Python/Django or Go is a plus.
    • Interview process
      • Call with the recruiter
      • 1 hr Skype. Most likely 2. Coding interview
      • On site - 5 hr.  (can break to 2 half days)

    Position 4: Senior Web Engineer

    As a founding member of our web engineering team, you’ll directly impact the lifeline of the business by building our first consumer-facing web product. The product will feature real-time, live-updating data and context-dependent interfaces, so you’ll be building a very rich client-side web application.

    • What sets us apart:
      • Work directly with our CEO and VP of Product Engineering
      • Define the web platform as a founding member of our team
      • Work with our award-winning design team
    • Responsibilities:
      • Architect new consumer features and reusable UI paradigms using ReactJS
      • Lead the product from inception to launch, and own large parts of the product’s execution
      • Collaborate with our award-winning design team to rapidly iterate on the product
    • Requirements
      • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in CS or related field)
      • 4+ years of full-time working experience on a consumer-facing web product
      • Great design intuition and user empathy
      • Fluency in JavaScript | React
      • Understanding of functional and reactive programming paradigms
      • Proficiency in Python and Django (bonus points)
      • Worked on B2C solutions
      • Worked at top consumer companies or Design Shops (Google, Airbnb, Slack, Ueno)

    Position 5: Data Engineer

    Every decision made at Robinhood is backed by data; our company trajectory is defined by the systems, tools, and analytics powered by our exceptional team. We integrate multifaceted data streams such as rapidly changing market data, user data based on app activity, and brokerage operations data to perfect our processes and workflows. Improving these systems and maintaining scalability across a growing user base (1 million and counting) is thrilling, particularly on a team of 3.

    • Requirements (not specified)
    • Data Tech Stack includes:
      • Airflow
      • Celery
      • Elasticsearch
      • Logstash
      • Kibana
      • Kafka
      • Redis
      • Redshift + AWS
      • Zookeeper
      • Consul

    Position 6: Product Designer 

    Robinhood is seeking a Senior Product Designer to work on the Robinhood iOS, Android and web product. This is a unique opportunity to join a small team that has already garnered significant accolades including the Apple Design Award and Google Play Award. The Design Team at Robinhood is instrumental in shaping every aspect of the product. The Senior Product Designer will work closely with leadership and will be charged with developing original solutions to large interesting challenges.  


    Position 7: iOS Engineer 

    We’re looking for talented, motivated iOS engineers to join our Apple Design Award winning team to help expand Robinhood’s mobile experience across the globe.

    • Requirements
      • Deep Understanding of UIKit
      • Strong product sense and experience working with product designers
      • Bachelor's degree in CS preferred
    • Tech Stack:
      • Swift & Objective-C
      • UIKit
      • Core Data
      • Alamofire


    Robinhood’s story begins almost a decade ago at Stanford University, where co-founders Vlad Tenev & Baiju Bhatt were roommates and classmates.  After spending long nights toiling on problem sets together, the two decided to pack their bags and head to Wall Street to build a company that made trading platforms for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

    They soon learned that electronic trading firms pay effectively nothing to place trades on the market. On the other hand, everyday investors were taxed up to $10 per trade. Baiju and Vlad realized it was time to bring this advantage to everyone. By automating many of the costly duties that existing brokerages maintain as a holdover from the pre-Internet era, they could build a much more cost efficient and enjoyable brokerage.

    Founders and Leaders

    Vladimir Tenev (Founder) -

    Baiju Bhatt (Founder) -

    Miles Wellesley (Head of Business Development) -

    Nathan Rodland (COO) -

    Kym Lee (Head of People) -

    Joe Binney (VP of Product Engineering) -

    Archit Shah (General Counsel) -

    Zane Bevan (Creative Director) -


    The worldwide brokerage market is valued at hundreds of billions of dollars while the broader addressable financial market is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity.

    Common Questions

    How does Robinhood make money?

    • Robinhood makes money in many of the same ways as traditional online brokerages

    • Revenue from Robinhood Gold, our collection of premium services including margin and extended hours trading, starting at $10 a month

    • Accruing interest from customers’ uninvested cash balances. But it is important to note that customers are not charged.

    What type of security does Robinhood use?

    • Robinhood uses bank-level security measures to protect personal information. Password, social security number, and other sensitive data are encrypted. Our mobile and web applications communicate securely using SSL and 256-bit encryption.

    • We do not store online banking credentials and never will. Banking credentials are used once to authenticate and verify a user’s account belongs to them.


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