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10x10 is continuously curating hundreds of high priority jobs from top tier tech companies. With access to $15M placement fees, we will help you transform your recruiting business to achieve a new level of success. Recruiters earn on average $15K placement fee per hire.


Say goodbye to low candidate placement rates! Combining your job orders with ours, you’ll never again have to say “Sorry, I don’t have more jobs for you right now”.


When your existing clients close job orders unexpectedly, we provide you instant and reliable access to job orders worth millions in placement fees.


Candidates often work with 2-3 recruiters at a time to gain access to more jobs. With 10×10’s large number of job orders, you’ll be the only recruiter your candidates need.

What our partners say about us

In just a few months, we’ve already made three placements. Our candidates were thankful they had the opportunity to be introduced to additional clients, and are very happy in the jobs they landed. The team at 10×10 has been a pleasure to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable about their clients, professional, and responsive. We look forward to many more placements.

Anne, Recruiting agency owner

We have had the pleasure of working with 10×10 this past year and made several placements. Their professionalism, experience, and knowledge of Silicon Valley has made our relationship a great collaboration. With our partnership, we have changed both the lives of the candidates we placed and the companies we serve. We look forward to continuing a long lasting relationship!  

Ryan, Recruiting agency owner

Working with the team at 10×10 has been a great experience! They have been nothing short of amazing in terms of the wide variety of roles on which to work, their outstanding communication, transparency and commitment to everyone’s success. As a seasoned recruiter, I’ve worked with many teams. 10×10 is by far the best. So good in fact, I made a lucrative placement in the first six weeks of my partnership with them. Definitely don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Kelly, Executive Search Recruiter

Job orders from tech companies funded by top tier VCs

How it works


You find great candidates and submit them to 10x10.


10x10’s AI analyzes and matches your candidates with our clients’ jobs orders, and we introduce them directly to hiring decision makers.


When your candidates are hired by our clients, we split the placement fee with you.

Founding story

In 2015, I joined a startup that had just received $25m in funding and was excited to triple the engineering team.  Hiring became my top priority and consumed most of my waking hours. “Painful” would be an understatement when describing the process of recruiting top engineers in the red-hot San Francisco market.  To hire 25 new engineers, I worked evenings and weekends for over six months. That’s when I realized how much faster companies can grow with the help of great recruiters like you.

Throughout my career, I have hired and managed hundreds of engineers at both startups and public companies, and have led teams to deliver many industry leading products. While I love building products, I realized that my passion is to build teams and help people grow their careers. Products don’t thank people; people do. I love the joy of helping people discover new careers that have them excited to go to work everyday.

Over 70% of Americans are unhappy about their jobs. Together, we can change that. Let’s help your candidates find their dream jobs faster and easier.

 April Chang, CEO

Leadership team

April Chang

YCombinator S17

Eventbrite, VP of Engineering

StyleSeat, VP of Engineering

PayPal, Sr. Engineering Director

Yahoo, Sr. Engineering Director

Duc Lam

Vastrm, VP of Engineering

Healthiest You (acquired by Teledoc), VP of Engineering   

Tumbler, Founder                     

Xign (acquired by JP Morgan), First engineer

Noah Wisnia

RockIT, Senior Recruiter   

Stuph Labs, Product Manager 

Fisher Investment, Product Manager

Bob Bartruff

YCombinator S17

Oracle, Engineering Director

Sun, Engineering Director

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