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Employer: Plaid - do not explicitly source for plaid

We are the only recruiting agency they are using.  Top candidates only. High-technical bar, very selective when evaluating candidates that do not bring anything new to the table with regards to: technical spike, high signal referral, or diversity of perspective/experience.


  • Location: San Francisco
  • Founded: 2012
  • Total Funding: $59.3M (Spark, NEC, Goldman Sachs)
  • Stage: Series B
  • Company Size: 90
  • Engineering Size: 35 (strong engineering culture, more than half of the company works on the product)
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes for transfer
  • Remote: Only as an exception
  • Tech Stack:  Go, Typescript, AWS, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redshift, S3, Spark, Mesos, Spark.

Company's Overview

We started Plaid to solve a simple problem: How can we empower developers and consumers to control their financial data? That mission still motivates us as we work to lower the barrier to entry into financial services.

Four years in, we’ve helped tens of thousands of applications—like Stripe, Coinbase, Venmo, Capital One, and charity: water build secure and user-friendly experiences that empower consumers to use their financial data in new ways. In the last year alone, we connected more than 20 million accounts—and we’re just getting started.

While we’ve made good progress, we have a long way to go. Whether we’re building systems to analyze billions of transactions or working with legislators on Capitol Hill, our work is varied and challenging—and we’d love your help.



  • 2 or 3 phone screens
    • 1 30min discussion (optional)
    • 2 1 hour technical sessions of increasing difficulty
    • Coding test - Problem solving, not algorithmic.
    • Done in candidate’s environment, in their choice of tools and languages
  • Onsite - 6 hours
    • 1 hour architecture discussion, show main components, identify and discuss concerns
    • 90 minute coding question, candidate can research online, the code should be working at the end.
    • Motivation/culture
    • Meet the 2 founders
    • From submit to offer 2 weeks unless delay from candidate.  Offer typically with 24 hours
  • General Target Profile:
    • Prefer people from series B companies
    • More important to find top engineers who have been successful with high potential than exact domain overlap if they are eager to learn new technologies
    • Example companies to recruit from: Databricks, Quip, Quora, Segment, Dropbox, Google ads team, Stripe, Facebook.
    • Degree: engineering, CS, physics, math, statistics, philosophy, or another related field and a strong track record of building interesting projects
    • Open source project, hackathon winners
    • Generally open to any years of experience with 3-6 years as the sweet spot

Position 1: Engineering Manager - Backend

  • 2+y engineering management
  • Significant experience as a software engineer
  • Deep of understanding of how to build scalable distributed systems
  • A record of leveling up your reports
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves when necessary
  • Experience growing startups

Position 2: Software Engineer - Backend

  • Backend 3-10+ years; 3-6 sweet spot
  • Experience in Go preferred.  Acceptable alternative: Node.js, Python, Ruby, Scala
  • Hacker mentality.  Many projects are truly fullstack

Position 3: Software Engineer - Data

  • Production experience building out data systems to analyze terebytes of data
  • Experience with Scala, Hadoop, or other data frameworks

Position 4: Software Engineer - Infrastructure

  • 4+ years of experience with infrastructure engineering
  • Experience with  Bash, Ruby, and/or Python.
  • Experience managing production environments

Position 5: Software Engineer - Integrations

  • Production environment experience
  • Background in CS, physics, math, statistics, philosophy
  • Track record of building interesting projects
  • hacker mentality, work across the platform.

Position 6: Software Engineer - Web Developer

  • Passion for web projects backed by online presence
  • UI instincts, but not necessarily 
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript, 

Position 7: Software Engineer - Security

  • 3+ years of application security or relevant product security engineering experience.
  • Production experience in software engineering, including core fundamentals and a mastery of at least one language
  • Experience architecting and implementing security infrastructure
  • Experience leading security policy
  • Experience doing code review, risk assessment and security triage
  • Bonus
    • Ability to manage a small security team
    • Experience implementing security controls in a cloud environment
    • Familiarity with Go, JavaScript, Typescript, MongoDB, and/or SQL

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