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Employer: Mixmax


  • Location: 512 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
  • Founded: 2014
  • Stage: Seed, $1.5M; Independently profitable and growing ~8% monthly
  • Company size: 20
  • Engineering size: 9
  • Visa Sponsorship:  H1B Transfers okay
  • Remote: No
  • Tech Stack: They want smart engineers before tech. Specific skills. Agnostic: NodeJS, React, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Redis, Electron, AWS.
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Interview Process

1. Install and try the product + Want recruiters to provide warmer leads - educate the person on mixmax, so he does not have to waste time on educating the candidates

2. ~15 min. Call with Co-Founder and CTO Brad Vogel (only ~50% of Candidates make the cut). Questions include:

  • Do you know, understand and get excited about the problem Mixmax is solving?
  • Have you downloaded and used Mixmax, what were your impressions, thoughts, etc?
  • Startup experience and motivation to be at a startup. Provide examples.
  • What Other companies are you interviewing at?
    • If any large companies above about 100 people, candidates aren't usually a fit for the Mixmax small team as they aren't “truly startup focused”
  • Have you been fired/laid off before? If yes, what % of the company was let go. Less than 20% usually means it's not a fit at Mixmax.
  • If your commute is an hour or more have you done this before?
  • Explain a technical project you’ve worked on. Focus on ability to clearly/concisely convey the work
    • Why and how did you use the code/framework selected for that project
      • Go into more detail and depth.
  • Have any SaaS experience?

3. (Moderate Strength Candidates only extra step): ~30 min. Technical Google Hangout with CTO Brad OR with an Engineer on the team. If the candidate and Brad have time they can jump straight into this form the first call.

  • Walk through a feature the candidate has build before in depth asking how/why they build it out/designed it. (only ~50% of Candidates make the cut).

4. ~60 min. Technical Google Hangout with an Engineering team member

  • Algorithm questions
  • Go over a feature that Mixmax has previously built

5. ~ 4 - 6 hour Onsite (Mixmax will send Candidate an email template to prepare a presentation of slides on something they’ve previously built and are proud of. There are a few prompts about what to cover).

  • Start with ~20 min presentation to the whole team
    • ~ 1.5 hours peer programming with CTO, Brad. Build a feature of Mixmax.  
    • Candidates should be able to communicate their impact
    • No white board questions
    • ~1 hour Talk to CEO, Olaf Mathe

Quick Pitch

Mixmax is Slack, but for all external-bound communication. Mixmax makes communicating outside your team.


Powerful analytics, automation, and enhancements for your outbound communications. Mixmax makes email as easy as slack for outbound communication by enabling actions like Email Tracking, quick survey’s, templates, sequence automation, read receipts, send later, smart sending, reminders to follow up, and much more—all within email. Any developer can bring interactive apps into email using Mixmax as a platform too, without worrying about client idiosyncrasies.


Position 1: Full Stack Engineer

As a full-stack engineer, you’ll be working with us in all aspects of the product, from its core infrastructure to its custom front-end. This includes architecting systems to integrate with external services, building a full-featured web editor, and choreographing email systems and protocols. We’ll leave it largely up to you to evolve the stack as you see fit. We eagerly participate in open source development and will encourage you to do the same.

  • Must have Skills:
    • Smart well rounded Engineers come first. Agnostic but: experience in Javascript (Node.js, front-end frameworks), ElasticSearch and Mongo
    • Significant experience building web applications that have shipped
    • You enjoy writing well-tested, well-organized code
  • What you'll do:
    • Scale our backend service to send many millions of messages a day
    • Architect the next generation of the Mixmax API: supporting rich communications apps that work on a broad spectrum of clients.
    • Maintain an elastic distributed infrastructure built on top of AWS
    • Build large scale data processing pipelines for indexing content
    • Continuously find opportunities to improve performance, and increase reliability & quality

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