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Employer: LightStep Inc.


  • Location: 703 Market St. Suite 1500, San Francisco, CA
  • Stage: Series A, $9M
  • Founded: 2015
  • Company Size: 17
  • Engineering Size: 10 (plan to grow to 20 people in 6 months)
  • Visa Sponsorship: Y
  • Remote: No
  • Tech Stack:  React/Redux/D3, Go, Kubernetes  
  • Info: Crunchbase, Distributed Tracing 

Quick Pitch

A transformative new product for tracking and understanding application behavior and performance. You’ll be working on a sophisticated distributed system that collects, manages, analyzes, and presents high-fidelity data from our customers’ applications.


LightStep is a startup building a distributed tracing product for large enterprises; in short, giving companies a 100x better visibility into what’s happening inside their large microservices architectures. We’ve been around a little over 2.5 years, are in a very stable position for a startup with non-trivial revenue, years of runway, and with some big name customers like Lyft, DigitalOcean, and Yext.

But more than the just the company success, truly my favorite of LightStep is the team: it’s an incredibly talented team with senior engineers from Google, Amazon, Twitter, Box - but it’s also a team that’s great to be around. Everyone is low-ego, cares about learning, and is always focused on how the team does than individual accomplishments. The people here are the best part of LightStep.

It’s also a fun engineering challenge. We work in Go in the backend and React with ES6 on the front-end. We’re dealing with a huge volumes of data that often requires custom UI and visualization to make sure the customer has a great experience. We’re also still a small team so changes have immediate impact and get out to our customers very quickly. We’re just building out our front-end team, so it’s an exciting time as there’s a ton to work on and hoping to find people to set the standard for the future of the product’s feature and code quality.

If the candidate is more of a full stack candidate, I usually change up the last paragraph and emphasize that we, "deal with extremely high volumes of data requiring a lot of precise, high-performance code to analyze, process, and then visualize the most important parts of that data. Our core engine is built, but we have a lot of interesting problems yet solve in increasing what we can do in terms of the analysis of that data across the whole stack."


  • Interview process
    • We usually start with a 15-20 minute phone screen or for very promising candidates in the area, try to meet for coffee for 30-45 minutes.
    • No Tech coding phone screen, we generally do not do a coding test or technical screen. We usually look at prior experience instead and a more general screen about interest/evidence of prior work. (Glad to hear if you think we should be doing this differently.)
    • On site interview - 4 interviews of 45 minutes, no whiteboard coding, and try to get the candidate to join the team for a 1hr lunch as well to get to know everyone.
  • Expected response time for resume feedback and interview feedback in 48 hours
  • Expect days from submission to offer to be 2 weeks
  • Resume screening preference:
    • Work Experience: Prefer candidates with a variety of experiences at both large companies and startups. Only top large companies or startups are fine too.
    • School: top school is a good signal of hard working but not a must have.  CS degree strongly preferred. Boot camp candidates who did well in well known companies will be considered.  

Position 1: BackENd Engineer


  • Golang
  • Large-scale Distributed Systems and microservices-based Engineer/Architecture experience
  • High availability systems
  • Infrastructure engineer who worked on core products from top companies (New Relic, AppDynamics, Google, FB, Palantir, Box)
  • Hit the ground running as a hands-on engineer

Nice to Have

  • Major open source contributor
  • Ideally from a top 10 CS schools with CS degree; or

Position 2: Senior FronT-End Engineer - On HOLD

  • 3+ years work experience, ideally 5+ years  
  • $150-$180K
  • Must have strong JavaScript experience. 
  • Ideally also have React/redux/D3.  
    • "React and Redux are major positive.
    • D3 is a positive.
    • Angualr and Vue are useful, but less directly applicable."
  • Familiarity with Go is a positive, but in no way a requirement
  • Want a generalist who can dig into any part of the stack to get things done

Position 3: Front-End Engineer - On HOLD

  • 1.5+ years work experience  
  • $130-$150K
  • Must have strong JavaScript experience. 
  • Ideally also have React/redux/D3. 
  • Angular or Vue also helpful.
  • Ideally also familiar with Go
  • Generalist who can dig into any part of the stack to get things done

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LightStep (San Francisco) - Series A, Frontend Engineer - ON HOLD (JavaScript | React | Angular | Ember | Vue | Backbone | JQuery).  Top Companies, Top Schools. 1.5+ years experience.  No Remote. Visa sponsorship OK.

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