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Employer: LaunchDarkly - ON HOLD


  • Location: 405 14th Street, Suite 1400, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Founded: July 2014
  • Stage: Series A (Dec 2016), $11.3M
  • Company size: 24
  • Engineering size: 10 (plan to hire 10+ in the next 12 months)
  • Visa Sponsorship: No (maybe for senior A+ candidate)
  • Remote: No (maybe for senior A+ candidate)
  • Tech Stack:
    • Golang— all our services are written in Go,
    • React / Redux / JavaScript on the front-end,
    • MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, HAProxy, Kafka
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LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves over 10 billion feature flags daily to help software teams build better software, faster. Feature flagging is an industry best practice of wrapping a new or risky section of code or infrastructure change with a flag. Each flag can easily be turned off independent of code deployment (aka ”dark launching”).

Position 1: Software Engineer - Frontend


  • Must have Technical Skills:
    • Front-end web development in JavaScript ( React OR Angular)
    • Strong UX and design sensibilities
  • Experience
    • Minimum Years of experience: 4y
  • Other preferences:
    • Larger scale production systems
    • Experience using a Flux implementation



  • Must have Technical Skills:
    • Back end languages - Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, Golang, or Node.js
    • RESTful APIs
  • Experience
    • Minimum Years of experience: 4y
  • Other preferences:
    • Larger scale production systems
    • EExperience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, ElasticSearch)
    • A deep understanding of networking technologies (TCP, HTTP, websockets, server-sent events, etc.)

Position 3: Distributed Systems Engineer 


  • Generic Industry Role: Data Engineer
  • Must have Technical Skills - at least 2 of the following skills
    • Mongo, Kafaka, Cassandra, Redis, Elastic Search or  Solr
  • Experience working on real live production system at scale
  • Minimum Years of experience: 4-6 (2-3 in Data, Search)
  • Other preferences 
    • Large scale production: google, FB, linkedin, pinterests
    • Worked at developer tool companies: circle CI, github
    • No Job hopper - 4 times hopping is bad (once or twice maybe ok)
    • Did data years ago and has not done it for a while (may not be that passionate about working on data)
  • Education
    • CS degree: nice to have.  (have 1 engineer from Hackreactor right now but needs 4 year experience on real production code, not demo or MVP or small side projects)
    • School ranking: not critial
  • Compensation: $120K – $160K

Position 4: Technical Support Engineer 


  • Hiring Target: 2
  • Job responsibility: Roughly 50-50 interaction with customers vs coding
  • Technical Skills: Must have technical fluency with one (or more) development platforms: .NET, PHP, Python, Node.js, Java, JavaScript, Ruby/Rails, Go, iOS, and Android
  • Experience
    • Recent college grade OK.
    • CS degree or work experience with CS fundamentals. 
    • Boot camp at established company for 4 years acceptable.
  • Compensation: $110-$130K (Sr. engineer  can go up $150)

Position 4: Customer Success Director  


  • Minimum Years of experience: 6
  • Minimum Team size managed: has built the team to minimally 6 people (ideally a lot more like 40)
  • Ideally someone has built a team from 0 to 10 and experience manage ~40 customer service agents
  • Worked in the developer tools space with developers as customers
  • E.g. GitHub, Heroku, CircleCI, Travis CI, Pivotal, Docker, etc.
  • Compensation: base $110-$120 20% variable comp

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LaunchDarkly (Oakland) - Series A with $11.3M, Backend Engineer - ON HOLD (Golang | Scala | Ruby | Java | Node.js).  4 years. Diversity Candidates Only. No Visa transfers (maybe for Sr A+ candidate).

LaunchDarkly (Oakland) - Series A with $11.3M, Technical Support Engineer - ON HOLD (.NET | PHP | Python | Node.js | Java | JavaScript | Ruby/Rails | Go | iOS | Android).  College grad ok, CS degree or work experience with CS fundamentals, bootcamp + 4y ok, Diversity Candidates Only.No Visa transfers (maybe for Sr A+ candidate).

LaunchDarkly (Oakland) - Series A with $11.3M, Customer Success Director - ON HOLD Built a team to min 6 people.  Ideal managed 40 customer service agents. Candidate should have worked in the developer tools space. 6 years. No Visa transfers (maybe for Sr A+ candidate).

LaunchDarkly (Oakland) - Series A, $11.3M, Distributed Systems Engineer - ON HOLD 2 of the following (Mongo, Kafka, Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch or Solr).  4-6 years. Diversity Candidates Only. No Visa transfers (maybe for Sr A+ candidate).

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