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Employer: Jerry 


  • Company URL:
  • Location: 430 Sherman Ave, Suite 305, Palo Alto, CA 94306
  • Founded:  2017
  • Total Funding: $2.2M
  • Series: Seed
  • Company Size: 6
  • Engineering Size: 2
  • Visa Sponsorship: Transfer OK
  • Remote: No
  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, GraphQL on the back end React and Relay on the front end, React Native for Mobile


Jerry is your personal financial agent / negotiator (AI) that automatically saves you money on your bills like insurance, mortgage, loans, etc. It takes 30 seconds to sign up, and then you can sit, relax, and watch more money roll in your bank account. Jerry is 100% free for users!

Fun fact:  Jerry (the name) was inspired by the movie character Jerry Maguire (Show me the money!)

The average American family has less than $1000 in their bank account. Imagine a AI financial agent / negotiator that is constantly looking for savings on your bills (insurance, loans, etc) and does all the work to negotiate better rates and paperwork to switch and save money automatically.

Mission:  We are passionate about helping people live a better financial life, have more money for the rainy day, provide better care for your family because you now have more resources. Does this problem/mission excite you? If so, we are the team you want to talk to.

Repeat entrepreneurs:  The company is started by the team that built YourMechanic (Uber for car repair). YourMechanic had raised $32m from who’s who of the valley and is now the largest on-demand car repair service in US. The team has been through a lot of ups and downs associated with scaling a consumer business and understand what it takes to build the right culture, scale revenue/users and build a high functioning team.

Technical challenges:

  • Creating the fastest, most delightful user experience on a product that is traditionally complex, with lots of user input.
  • Orchestrating data collection, aggregation, filtering and processing for different sources, while integrating seamlessly with service partners.
  • Retrofitted integration with certain systems that do not have well defined APIs.
  • Data analysis & machine learning to guide deal negotiation on customer's behalf.  
  • Using AI/bot technology for answering customer questions / automating customer service.
  • Building a scalable product that can sustain fast paced growth.

 Culture fit for candidates to self opt out?

Jerryists are a group of people who are obsessed with providing an amazing experience to customers (customers first always). We have a culture of hard work and ownership (we expect people to take ownership of their work/projects). People get a lot of freedom in how they accomplish their goals, but they are expected to set ambitious goals.  We believe in providing an environment which is transparent and open communication (direct feedback, no sugar-coating everything, no-egos, freely ask questions and never feel bad that you don’t know something or if you have made a mistake…. we are all in this together and only by working together we can build a great company). We do few things extraordinarily well. And, we try to constantly learn and get better.

Interview process

  • Small take home task assignment.  
    • Typically give on the weekend
    • A couple hours of work
    • General javascript problem in a part of the stack
  • In house interview
    • Give the company pitch
    • Meet all the cofounders
    • 45m each except with the CTO (last) which is 90m
    • CTO includes Whiteboard technical interview, language agnostic, high level problem solving
    • flexible on the schedule ,

Position1 - Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack 


  • 3-4 years experience, minimum 2 years working on real applications. No new graduates.
  • Proficiency with React, JavaScript and Node.js
  • Experience with RDMS and SQL.
  • Familiarity with Relay and GraphQL (important as it is a paradigm shift from REST technology).
  • The company needs generalists who can work anywhere in the stack as the hires will be the 2nd and subsequent engineers on the team.
  • As a generalist, the candidate must have strong fundamentals
  • The ideal candidate is likely has a 60/40 mix of Front End to Back End experience.
  • Needs to know not only how to use the tools, needs to understand how they operate under the hood to produce performant and extensible code.
  • Sr Candidates welcome as long fit the open and direct culture.
  • Candidates from large companies ok, but need to realize the environment is fluid with less structure.  Employees from big companies are encouraged to share their practices.
  • No Job hoppers with 1 year or less experience at one company.
  • Candidates will be working directly with the CTO/Cofounder.
  • Compensation: $120K – $170K. 0.2% – 0.5%

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Jerry (Palo Alto) - Seed, $2.2M, Full Stack Engineer - (React | Javascript | Node.js) & (RDBMS | SQL). Relay and GraphQL nice to have. 3-4 years experience.  Visa transfer OK.

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